Jackets for dogs - The Dog Face

Dog jackets often seem a decorative vice of pets' owners.

Very often we hear "dogs already have their natural fur, they don't need anything else!".

While this may be true in general, there are many cases where dog jackets are useful.

First of all if our dogs were free and without owners, it wouldn't be a big problem if their furs were wet and dirty (although dogs, like all animals, usually seek shelter when it rains).

Second, not all dogs are strong and resistant to cold: especially the smaller ones with short hair can suffer particularly.

To protect them from bad weather and harsh climates, therefore, dog jackets are not only a vice, they are also a great way to protect and keep clean the coat of your four-legged friend during walks.

The real jacket of the moment, for all dogs, is undoubtedly that of The Dog Face.

For smaller and chilly dogs, the The Dog Face jacket fully follows the iconic style of outdoor jackets, which have become a pillar of streetwear style and is inspired by the most famous brand for humans.

This style of dog jacket is more like a down jacket (more precisely bomber) and keeps your dog warm and is ideal for short-haired dogs and, indeed, small dogs.

A variant of the same brand, less famous but just as full of street power can be found in the The Dog Fans jackets, which boasts numerous collaborations with Pupreme and Pupawme, gives birth to real collector's items for the most demanding Pupperinos.

These jackets are designed more as raincoats for dogs with an eye to the most iconic and undoubtedly most eye-catching style. The sleeve of the is rather short and leaves a lot of freedom of movement but has an elastic strap that allows a firmer closure (be careful not to tighten it too much).

Another strap allows you to make the jacket more adherent to the animal's body to prevent it from turning and impeding its movements.

Hind legs and tail are perfectly free so as not to prevent happy wagging and ... more important needs.

We at Pupperino offer different styles and collaborations but, above all, of different sizes to satisfy the smallest Pupperini to the more corpulent and style-conscious ones.

Explore the entire collection of dog jackets on Pupperino!

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