Fashion dog clothes

For some, keeping up with fashion can be exhausting work and become a real obsession. For others, however, it is a fun and regenerating pastime, to be enjoyed lightly and ironically! For this reason, more and more often we see dog-owner couples in true matchy-matchy style.
But what does it mean? It's a fun idea that shows us dog and owner dressed in the same way!

dog suit

To the more skeptical it might seem crazy because dogs have their fur to protect themselves from the cold and they don't need dog clothes in the coldest months. This is an outdated and wrong idea. Some dogs, in fact, by nature, do not have an undercoat. This means that short-haired dogs, especially small breeds, suffer a lot from the cold in winter. Age also affects this: older dogs are undoubtedly more sensitive to low temperatures.

We have therefore understood that many of our animal friends need an extra help during walks in the colder months, so why not do it in style?
Many owners are satisfied with anonymous and easily available accessories, but those who are more attentive to style do not want to miss out on the most fashionable dog clothes , which reflect the fashion of the moment on the catwalks of us bipeds.

The Pupperino dog clothes collection comes from careful research and satisfies the most demanding owners. Those who love streetweare will be satisfied with The Dog Face dog jackets and PUPREME dog sweatshirt and will not have to miss the collaboration between the two which finds its maximum expression in The Dog Face dog raincoats for Pupreme . Those who love fitness cannot leave their Pupperino's wardrobe without the Just Pup It dog jacket ! and the Adidog dog hoodie .
Lovers of high fashion, on the other hand, will be able to generate a wow effect in front of their friends by showing off their little friend's Pawlenciaga dog sweatshirt !

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