How to measure your dog.

Measuring your dog is something very easy to do for you and funny for your dog (with extra scratches and treats!).

Secret weapon: don't have a measurement tape? No worries! just grab a string and measure it with a ruler.

Measure your dog's neck right at the shoulders' joint. Warning: random licks can occour.
Keep in mind to add 2 or 3cm to your measurement to make a comfortable choice for your pupperino.

Easiest measurement ever: from the base of the neck to the joint of the tail

This is a little more complex: make sure your measure the largest part of the chest. Usually is from right behind front paws.

Not sure what size to pick?
When in doubt, look at the product you're buying: if it's open in the back, consider to use the Chest Size as a driver. If length is shorter by 10cm is not a big issue.